The Magic of Auto Combining Rewards

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There is a feature of the UCC Wallet that allows you to automatically combine your rewards as you receive them. Rather than a pile of small rewards, the wallet can be configured to check these amounts and automatically sweep them together, for each wallet address, up to the setting value.

Setting "autocombinerewards true #" in the debug console, or "autocombinerewards=#" in your ucc.conf file will enable the feature (setting it in your configuration file will require you to restart your wallet to take effect). Periodically the wallet will look for 'dust' in your addresses, and combine them up to the number of coins set in the configuration setting.

For example, if you have the "autocombinerewards true 6" set, then any transactions less than 6 will be swept into a new transaction, repetitively until the combine threshold is exceeded. Once that threshold is exceeded, the grouping begins with another transaction.

This greatly helps prevent your wallet from getting into a situation where you exceed the max size of a transaction (see "Transaction too large"-Error when sending Coins). Instead of having to manually sweep your rewards daily to prevent the transaction too large threshold, you can use autocombinerewards to automatically sweep the dust together, and greatly reduce the amount of times you must sweep.

For example; with a limitation of 675 rewards in a single transaction; a single tier 1 masternode will exceed that many rewards in about 16 days. However with a threshold of 6, it will take almost 100 days, and over 4000 coins, before the threshold is exceeded. A threshold of 8 should insure that you will never end up with the transaction too large error as long as you sweep your rewards into a new masternode every time you reach 5000 extra coins.

The one important thing to note, however, is that auto combining does incur transaction fees; therefore the small fee will be added each time you receive a masternode reward and it is swept into the combined transaction.